We are Experienced Elo Boosters

We are a group of Diamond, Master & Challenger boosters with years of experience within League Of Legends.

We offer top security with our packages

With an added layer of security for your elo boosting by making all the boosters use VPN’s when they play on your account

Good looking customer area

We have a Customer Area with Live Chat panel, Boost progress panel and Match History etc..

Why should you choose us for Elo Boosting?

Simply, because we are the best and most honest Elo Boosting company currently on the market. When we were creating Amazing Boost itself, we were aiming to introduce a higher standard among the other boosting services. To make this happen, we needed to focus on two main things, these are: Price and Quality. We have analyzed our competition, ordered services, to keep the price as low as possible.  As we analyzed our competition we came across a big flaw of their service, which is Quality. Since they are on the top, they do not care about customer experience, drop orders, or just simple don't complete your boosts, and take your money.

Our service is the quickest on the Market!

Here, at Amazing Boost we only employ the best of the best! We cherry pick the fastest boosters, to get your order done quicker. After you have placed your order on the boosting page, one of our team will get in contact with you immediately, and he or she will start the boosting process as fast as possible! By improving the speed of this part in the ordering process, we eliminate the annoying and confusing waiting time. We are always aiming towards improving our customer experience, and making our services faster so you can enjoy playing with your elo boosted account faster!

Our prices are the best!

We always put most of our attention on making our prices better. We are constantly analyzing the market, to make our service have the best Price/Quality ratio! If you Follow us on Facebook, you will see that we share discount codes, and coupon codes from time to time, to make our price the best as possible for you! Blending these two aspects (Low prices, and discount codes) makes us the the most amazing company in the LoL boosting world!

What do we offer?

Currently, we offer LoL Coaching and Boosting! Every service we offer is 100% safe and legit! They provide fast and serious results on your League of Legends account. We have created our site so every player who wants to get into a higher Division can pick the best according to their needs.

We offer true protection when Elo Boosting!

Using a VPN is a standard among our boosters, and every booster will use a Private VPN according to your country to connect to your account. This is done to make your account secure against RIOT. No one will notice, that it was not you who logged into the account to play some matches!

Making you invisible

While our booster works on your account, we make sure you appear invisible. When the work is started, the booster turns off the chat, so no one can message or get in contact with you as long as the booster is logged in. 

Guaranteed Completion Time 

For every order you place on our site, there is a maximum time limit (which you can see in your members area) , that the boosters have for the elo boost! If somehow the booster cannot complete your order in the given time frame, we will give back the 30% of your money, while your order will be still completed. 

Easy to Follow

In your members area there are several way to follow the progress of your ordered boost. The best option is to simply click on the spectate button, and follow the match while the booster plays it live.

Amazing Boost: The Safest Elo Boosting Company ever made

Top-notch security is the absolute number one priority for us here at Amazing Boost. Because we handle a lot of passwords and login IDs we always have to make sure that they stay fully secure. To make this happen, we had to take many important steps towards making our site more secure. The first of these important step is that all of our customers information are kept on a highly secured server.  The next step is that the only person that gets your login information is your personal Elo Booster! Our system was built as secure as possible, so you don't have to worry about losing your account!

We have the best Boosters!

We place a ton of attention on choosing the best boosters, while assembling our team. Every participant has to take a test, to see if they are worth working with. If they have passed the test, then one of our staff members will have a one-on-one Skype talk with the booster, making it impossible to cheat. We only work with top tier League of Legends players, who will take your order as a professional job, and they will complete their assignment as fast as they can! Because we cherry pick the best, we are one hundred percent sure that all of these boosters will give their 100% when handling your account!

Take hold of the new season!

As you may or may not know it is now a new season in Leauge of Legends. We provide professional boosting in this season as well, so if you are interested look at our prices, and order! We will not dissapoint you and complete the work as fast as possible. Although we are a fairly new company we provide better customer support and better rates than the competition!

We have the cheapest lol boosting prices!

- Our Prices are the cheapest among other boost services with legit website.

- We guarantee 1 division / day

- We guarantee 70% overall winrate in any divisions!

- We won't spend any IP and RP on your account without asking you.

- We will not talk to anybody on your friendlist!

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The most reliable company
We use several elo boosters
Your LoL account is in safe hands!
We have the cheapest prices on the market!
You will get to a higher division on a few days
We use VPS to connect to your League of Legends Account
Don't afraid of being called elo boosted
We will use your favoruite champions!

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